B Braun IV Pump: Revolutionizing Infusion Therapy with Groundbreaking Medical Equipment

by Sara Alvarado

Updated January 17, 2024
The B Braun brand has a long history in infusion therapy. It all began with the purchase of a Melsungen pharmacy in 1839. More than a century later, B Braun’s first disposable plastic infusion device in the 1950s marked a crucial step to becoming a global leader in groundbreaking infusion technology.

Today’s B Braun IV pumps are super-refined versions of medical infusion therapy devices developed over the years.

So, when the B Braun manufacturers say their goal is to make the most complex medical therapies easier, smarter, and safer, they have history as evidence.

Besides, by taking home the prestigious KLAS award for ‘Best in Traditional Smart Pumps’ in 2021, B Braun proved to the healthcare world that its infusion pump technology is first-class.

So, what Infusion pump models does B Braun offer to the medical world? You’ll find the answer to that question and more in this post.
b braun iv pump

1. B Braun Infusion Pump Overview

The B Braun brand has a rich catalog of reliable, safe, and user-friendly infusion pumps and products.

From the list, B Braun’s Infusomat Space Large Volume Pump takes center stage. But the company’s other model, the Vista Basic Large Volume Infusion Pump, is an equally valuable choice.

For both models, the green color on the user interface is somewhat B Braun’s IV pump’s visual identity. However, each model has unique efficiency features, advantages, and disadvantages.

2. B Braun Infusomat Space Large Volume Pump

b braun iv pump
The B Braun Infusomat Space volumetric pump is probably the most known of the brand’s infusion pumps. Its current version developed over the years from the manufacturer’s first volumetric IV pump, Infusomat, created in 1971.

B Braun created the Infusomat model as your ideal infusion therapy pump for acute cases in both adults and children.

Key Features

The B Braun Infusomat pump has the following efficiency features.
It is a lightweight 3lb IV pump, easily portable from one healthcare setting to another.
It has a reliable rechargeable battery, lasting 8 hours at 25 ml/h flow rate.
It has an easy-to-use non-numeric keypad that requires minimal training. The keypad is the interactive user interface that clinicians use to access the over 1200-drug library and create accurate infusion therapy operations.
It has built-in safety measures like visual and audio alarms that prevent drug administration errors and false alarms. The alarms alert clinicians in case of pump failure, blockage, or other infusion therapy issues.
It uses advanced operation software powered by the First Databank (FDB). Thanks to this software, the B Braun Infusomat supports smart information exchange through a wireless connection. This creates a seamless workflow and effective patient care with no pump failures.
B Braun IV pump works as a single infusion unit or a multi-unit workstation by stacking together 4-24 units. The units are connected to a work system with a single click and powered by a single cable.
Clinicians can then control the status of every infusion pump on the workstation with a single glance. This saves space and optimizes work.


It’s compact and lightweight and, therefore, easy to move from one care setting to another.
It is an integrated system with minimal chances of confusion and pump failure.
Stacking single infusion pumps into a workstation enhances space usage.
Access to the drug library and digital patient data boosts overall workflow.


The initial cost of the B Braun IV pump and its accessories can be high for most healthcare facilities.
Getting the most out of the B Braun infusion pump features may require specialized training initially, incurring time and financial costs.

3. B Braun Vista Basic Large Volume Infusion Pump

b braun iv pump
The Vista volumetric pump is a simpler version of B Braun’s volumetric pumps, an excellent choice for outpatient and home care.
Despite its simple design, the Vista Basic IV pump has the safety, reliability, and efficiency of all B Braun medical products.

Key Features

B Braun Vista Basic IV pump has the following features:
It is easy to use, with an easy and quick setup, programming, operation, and alarm error correction if needed.
It has a rugged, robust, and durable design, fit for outpatient and home care settings.
It’s a needle-free model, providing better protection for clinicians and patients.
It uses intuitive prompts to help users in the infusion therapy programming process.


Its compact and steady design makes it perfect for outpatient and home care.
Anyone can easily learn how to use the Vista Basic IV pump.
The programming prompts minimize the chances for errors.


Some customers report having trouble charging the battery after replacement.

4. Setting Up and Operating the B Braun IV Pumps

b braun iv pump
Both the B Braun Infusomat and the Vista Basic models have an easy setup and operation process. You will find a complete setup and operation guide in the B Braun Infusion pump user manual.

Besides, there are dedicated videos for B Braun infusion pump training that answer any B Braun infusion pump how to use questions.

What’s more, institutions that incorporate the B Braun infusion pumps into their healthcare systems can find suitable courses for their personnel on the B. Braun e-University Catalog.

As an infusion pump designed to ensure simplicity in its setup and usage, the Vista Basic provides the standard relevant therapies compared to the Infusomat Space pump’s advanced infusion administration control options and therapy profiles.

Here’s a comparison table of the infusion modes of the two B Braun volumetric infusion pump models.

B Braun Infusomat Space IV Pump

     B Braun Vista Basic IV Pump

  • Program mode
  • Dose rate calculation
  • Intermittent mode
  • Dose over time
  • Ramp and Taper mode
  • PCA
  • TCI
  • Piggyback
  • TIVA 
  • KVO
  • Continuous
  • Piggyback
  • Program mode
  • Gravitational infusion

5. Price and Value for Money

b braun iv pump
B Braun infusion pump price can vary with the model, retailer, and delivery location.

A quick run through online retailer listings revealed prices below $1000 to over $3,000 for the Vista Basic model and between $1,000 to over $4,000 for the Infusomat Space model.

For both models, lower prices list refurbished or used infusion pumps, while the higher prices list new pumps.

Although the cost may seem high, the B Braun infusion pump’s durability, reliability, safety, and overall efficiency are worth your money’s value.

Compared with infusion pumps from other manufacturers, the B Braun IV pump takes its rightful place alongside brands like Autoinfu which are certified for quality.

In fact, B Braun’s Infusomat Space pump is among the first infusion pumps cleared by the FDA’s Guidance on Applying Human Factors and Usability Engineering to Medical Devices.

B Braun also creates the simple Vista Basic model in compliance with the CDC, OSHA, and Joint Commission guidelines.

6. Warranty and Customer Support

b braun iv pump
The B Braun IV pumps come with exciting warranty offers:

For the B Braun Infusomat Space, you get a 24-month warranty for the infusion pump and a 12-month warranty for the battery. The warranty covers replacements and repairs related to design or manufacturing faults.

For the B Braun Vista Basic, you get a 12-month standard warranty.

You can contact a B Braun representative for any queries about their infusion pump models, product setup and usage, pricing, or product warranty using their Contact Us page.

7. Final Thoughts

The B Braun IV pumps are state-of-the-art medical equipment providing the best in infusion therapy. This is true whether you are looking for a volumetric infusion pump for hospital or homecare.

For any healthcare facility, integrating the B Braun IV pump into your healthcare system makes work easier for clinicians and reassures patients of safety.
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Sara Alvarado
Greetings, I'm Sara, a dedicated nurse and a proud contributor to the AutoInfu blog. With my firsthand experience in the world of infusion pumps, I'm here to provide you with the latest insights, expert advice, and essential updates to ensure you stay informed about the infusion pump industry.

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