Top 10 Infusion Pumps in 2024

by Sara Alvarado

Updated January 8, 2024
It may surprise you to learn that many of the infusion pumps available on the market today rely on technology that is 10+ years old. At a time when medical advancements are being frequently made, this is simply unacceptable and is putting patients at risk.

Healthcare providers today deserve the best, most up-to-date equipment that will allow them to treat patients in an optimal way. To help ensure your health organization gets the most advanced infusion pumps – without breaking your budget – we have studied over 75 different models.

We then created a top 10 list of the best, most reasonably priced infusion pumps. The devices in our top 10 feature up-to-date technology, high reliability, and fair pricing. Here are our top 10 infusion pumps, listed in no particular order.

1. Alaris Medley Infusion Pump Combo

This pairing includes the Alaris 8015 Point of Care Unit and a pair of 8100 IV Pump Modules, designed for both continuous and intermittent IV infusions. Features of the 8015 Point of Care Unit include:
Alaris Carefusion
Ready for facility-specific installation of Guardrails Suite MX software programs and customized drug libraries.
Ensures seamless integration of Alaris Medley modules, working in harmony to deliver infusions and safeguard patients from medication errors.
Accommodates up to four modules, providing comprehensive patient monitoring and medication delivery on a single Point of Care unit.
Offers a wide range of IV therapy sets and accessories to promote best clinical practices.
Features of the 8100 IV Pump Modules include:
Large volume infusion pumps suitable for the continuous or intermittent delivery of fluids, medications, blood, and blood products to patients of all ages.
Equipped with an LCD screen displaying critical information, including the IV drug or fluid name, dose, and rate.
Smart channel status display using red for alarms, yellow for pauses, and green for active infusions.
Designed for use with bags, bottles, or syringes and equipped with ultrasonic Air-in-Line Detection.
Support primary and secondary "piggyback" delivery for added flexibility.
Pricing information is not available on the product website and must be requested by submitting a form. A previously-owned, refurbished unit from a medical equipment dealer was found listed online for a price of $3,245.

2. Autoinfu

This advanced, highly portable infusion pump delivers precise fluid delivery and features a design that minimizes human programming errors. AUTOINFU features a peristaltic pump, which guarantees a leak-free installation of infusion tubing, easy disassembly for cleaning, and fixed pump amounts without backflow.

Additional features of this popular, highly reliable, and inexpensive infusion pump include:
LCD screen that shows rate, VTBI, and more
Customizable infusion rate and time settings
User-friendly keyboard
One-touch Controls for Mute, Clear, and Bolus
4 operation modes – Volume, Drip, Time, and Drug
Advanced drip sensor for accurate delivery of fluids
Visual and acoustic alarms for air bubbles, occlusions, and more
AUTOINFU is lightweight and portable and can be purchased with a mobile stand. The current price of AUTOINFU is $850, which makes it one of the lowest-priced infusion pumps in our Top 10. 

AUTOINFU is CE-certified and comes with free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee. This pump can be purchased with a stand for $1,049 .

3. Baxter Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump

Baxter sigma
The Baxter Sigma Spectrum Pump is a versatile infusion system capable of delivering IV, subcutaneous, intrathecal, and epidural fluids and medications with an integrated drug library.

This device is noted for being lightweight and having a compact design and user-friendly color display, which make it a top choice for a variety of healthcare settings. Here are the key features of this unit:
Primary, Secondary, Multi-Step, and Cyclic TPN therapy modes offer comprehensive functionality.
Compatibility with all standard Baxter tubing sets, allowing easy switching between gravity and pump-based infusions without the need for separate tubing.
The Sigma Spectrum is designed for controlled medication and fluid administration, enhancing safety and accuracy.
Bright, easy-to-read color display with a large font ensures easy readability and intuitive navigation.
On-screen guidance streamlines clinical workflow, simplifying infusion programming from the drug library in just a few steps.
Automatic startup of the Educational Drug Library ensures safety and compliance.
Integration of infusion data into the patient's Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for comprehensive patient care documentation.
Pricing, warranty, and shipping information is not available on the product website and must be requested by submitting a contact form. A refurbished unit from a medical equipment dealer was discovered online for a price of $2,481.

4. ICU Medical Plum 360

Hospira Plum 360
This innovative infusion pump offers the best of both worlds – advanced technology and high safety standards. The Plum 360 infusion system has consistently earned the highest pump performance rating for six consecutive years (2021, 2022, 2023 Smart Pumps - EMR-Integrated; 2018, 2019, 2020, 2023 Smart Pumps). It offers automatic safety, unparalleled efficiency, and seamless interoperability in a single connected IV system.

Plum 360 ensures confidence in delivering secondaries by eliminating common setup errors. Its unique delivery system directly draws medication from the secondary container, removing the need to adjust IV container height, thus preventing pressure differential errors – the most common secondary setup errors. Additional features present in this unit include:
High connectivity thanks to innovative technology that enables the delivery of two compatible medications at independent rates through a single line
Reduced alarms – the Plum 360 can trap up to 1 mL of air before alarming, reducing nuisance alarms and fatigue.
Distal Occlusion Auto Restart (DOAR) feature automatically restarts the pump if the occlusion clears within 60 seconds, saving time and streamlining workflow.
Smarter and Safer Drug Library - Plum 360, with ICU Medical MedNet software, defaults to programming in DERS, with average compliance rates of 98%.
Pricing, warranty, and shipping information for the Plum 360 are not made available on the product website. Prospective buyers must contact a company sales representative for that information.

5. CURLIN 6000 Ambulatory Infusion Pump

Moog's CURLIN 6000 Ambulatory Infusion Pump is a game-changer for medical professionals as well as home healthcare clinicians and pharmacists. It delivers precision, accuracy, and efficiency in every infusion and is designed with multi-therapy capabilities, compact dimensions, and integral safety protocols.

This groundbreaking device features a patented curvilinear peristaltic design, revolutionizing the delivery of fluids. It dispenses fluids in smaller, more precise increments compared to standard linear peristaltic infusion pumps, ensuring an unmatched Resolution of Flow and Continuity of Flow, resulting in consistent and accurate delivery throughout the entire infusion process.

The CURLIN 6000 caters to a wide range of infusion delivery profiles, from antibiotics and nutrition to highly specialized oncology medications. It offers five versatile therapy options:
Total Parenteral Nutrition
Patient Controlled Analgesia
Ease of use is also a hallmark of the CURLIN 6000. Its programming simplicity, combined with menu-driven protocols and context-sensitive HELP screens, ensures that it's an extremely user-friendly infusion device.

Safety is a top priority, with reliable performance and built-in safety features. Additionally, the CURLIN 6000 seamlessly integrates with the Protocol Library Safety System (PLSS), allowing users to upload pre-validated drug protocols or patient prescriptions, eliminating the risk of unintended infusions.

Prospective buyers must fill out a form to receive pricing and warranty information.

6. Ivenix Infusion System

The patient-focused design of the Ivenix Infusion System expedites bedside setup, reducing the risk of programming and administrative errors. Another benefit of this system is that fewer steps and minimized alarms alleviate patient concerns and nurse distractions.

This advanced infusion pump also contains an advanced IT platform that securely manages data, updates wirelessly, and seamlessly connects with EMR and pharmacy systems to drive informed and personalized care. Additional features include:

●Adaptive Fluid Delivery – Utilizing cutting-edge pump technology, this unit ensures consistent infusions across all conditions. Users can position the pump and medications as needed without compromising performance.

The makers of Ivenix carefully examined the infusion process and then reimagined how it could be made better. The Ivenix Infusion System is the result of their efforts. This device offers a seamless blend of user-friendliness with a game-changing improvement in performance and interoperability to usher infusion care into a new era.

No pricing or warranty information is available on the product website. Prospective buyers must submit an information request form to contact a sales representative and learn more about the Ivenix Infusion System.

7. Agilia Connect Volumetric Pump

The Agilia Connect Volumetric Pump is meticulously designed with usability engineering and smart technology to seamlessly integrate into an organization’s daily workflow. The makers of this device say it's not just a pump, but a partner in delivering safe and efficient patient care within a healthcare facility. User-friendly features of this device include:
Focus-friendly incremental keypad to prevent key bounce and programming errors.
Visually-cued elements, such as color-coded parts and pictogram button labels, for speedy setup.
Auto-restart feature to minimize patient-side occlusion alarms caused by momentary tubing kinks or IV pushes.
Ramp, taper, and sequential functionality for the safe and efficient delivery of medications.
Stackable design to save space and make patient transport more manageable.
Swiveling pole clamp for easy attachment to IV poles or bed rails.
With the Agilia Connect pump, a wide range of parameters, from flow rates to infusion volumes, modes, times, and pressure settings, can be programmed as automatic defaults. Also, the unit’s dose error reduction software allows users to define limits for each drug, establish pressure and air-in-line settings, create extensive data sets, and access a vast library of drugs and therapies.

The Agilia Connect Volumetric Pump has a rugged ABS shell that provides shock protection, and the device comes with a preventative 3-year maintenance cycle. Pricing and shipping information is only available by contacting a company sales representative.

8. Avoset™ Infusion Pump

The Avoset Infusion Pump seeks to revolutionize specialty infusion care by offering a streamlined, compact technology that elevates the user experience. With remote access to infusion data and data analytics, users gain the tools to monitor compliance and identify trends, enabling more informed care planning.

This solution also holds the potential to expand patient access to home infusion, elevating their quality of life by ensuring safe home infusion delivery and making therapy at home a reality for more patients. Key features of this device include:
Superior Patient Safety
Effortless Setup
Enhanced Connectivity
Tailored for Specialty Infusion Needs
Compact and Lightweight
Extended Battery Life
Versatile Delivery Modes
Compatibility with Various Medication Containers
Convenient Web-Based PC Programming
Another advantage of the Avoset is that it offers effortless setup and simple operation. The minimal setup steps, easily attachable administration set, and the option for web-based PC programming help reduce user error. Pricing information is only available by contacting a company sales representative.

9. Sapphire™ Infusion Pump

This versatile and innovative solution is designed for precise medication delivery through a range of routes, including intravascular, subcutaneous, intra-arterial, and epidural. Manufactured by Eitan Medical, this ambulatory pump is designed to administer a variety of fluids, including saline, total parenteral nutrition (TPN), lipids, IV medication, epidural medication, as well as blood and blood products.

The Sapphire Infusion Pump caters to a full spectrum of care settings, from pre-acute to hospitals and even home care. Offering both ease of use and reliability, the Sapphire seamlessly integrates high-end volumetric infusion pump capabilities with a compact and lightweight design. Key features include:
Patented Flow Control Technology
Innovative hardware design
User-friendly touch-screen interface
Software controls
Volumetric, single-channel, touch screen pump
Continuous, Multi-step, TPN, Intermittent, PCA, Epidural, and Secondary infusion modes
3.2” color portrait QVGA (64K colors) touch screen
Rechargeable Li-lon battery
This unit’s sturdy build, simple maintenance, and adaptability make it a “go-to” choice for medication infusion. Pricing and shipping information are only available by contacting a sales representative.

10. Infusomat® Space® Large Volume Pump

B Braun
The Infusomat Space Large Volume Infusion Pump has been meticulously crafted for acute care in both adult and pediatric healthcare facilities. Weighing a mere 3 pounds, its ingenious and compact design provides unparalleled flexibility and hassle-free transport in all care settings.

The Infusomat Space is a versatile powerhouse, optimized for efficiency in a wide range of clinical environments, including the ICU, CCU, NICU, PICU, OR, Med Surg, Emergency Department, Infusion Centers, and Outpatient Care settings.

Designed with healthcare professionals in mind, the pump places a strong emphasis on intuitive workflow and navigation. Key features of the device include:
Independent modularity, which prevents channel confusion and catastrophic pump failures
Lightweight and compact design that takes up minimal space and allows for vertical stacking
Non-numeric keypad and simple arrow-based interface that reduces programming errors by requiring users to observe the screen during programming
Universal interface that reduces staff training time.
Extensive drug library with a capacity for up to 1,200 drugs, and that allows for customizable hard and soft limits as well as clinical advisories.
Wireless integration for complete interoperability.
Pricing and shipping information are only available by contacting a sales representative.

11. Conclusion

With so many so-called “smart pumps” relying on technology that was developed 10+ years ago, it is vitally important for health organizations to make informed decisions when purchasing infusion pumps.

The 10 devices listed in this article can be counted on to deliver state-of-the-art technology and high product reliability that will enable staff to better treat patients.

This is very important because recent statistics tell us that each year an estimated 1.2 million hospitalizations include preventable injectable medication adverse events[ Lahue BJ, Pyenson B, Iwasaki K, Blumen HE, Forray S, Rothschild JM. National burden of preventable adverse drug events associated with inpatient injectable medications: healthcare and medical professional liability costs. Am Health Drug Benefits. 2012;5(7):1-10.
] and that 61% of serious and life-threatening medication errors are associated with IV infusions.[ Giuliano KK, Niemi C. The urgent need for innovation in IV infusion devices. Nursing. 2016;46(4):66-68.
] The innovative infusion pumps on our list can help ensure your organization doesn’t contribute to these worrisome statistics.

We hope our research provides you with the information you need to find the right infusion pump for your staff and patients. Experts now say that choosing an innovative smart pump could save an organization 40% through the reduction of medication errors and improved productivity!


1. Lahue BJ, Pyenson B, Iwasaki K, Blumen HE, Forray S, Rothschild JM. National burden of preventable adverse drug events associated with inpatient injectable medications: healthcare and medical professional liability costs. Am Health Drug Benefits. 2012;5(7):1-10.

2. Giuliano KK, Niemi C. The urgent need for innovation in IV infusion devices. Nursing. 2016;46(4):66-68.
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Greetings, I'm Sara, a dedicated nurse and a proud contributor to the AutoInfu blog. With my firsthand experience in the world of infusion pumps, I'm here to provide you with the latest insights, expert advice, and essential updates to ensure you stay informed about the infusion pump industry.

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