The A+ Award-winning Performance of ICU Medical Plum IV Pump

by Sara Alvarado

Updated March 26, 2024
If you open the KLAS Research page for Best in KLAS 2024 in smart pumps, the Plum 360 LVP sits proudly there. And that’s the seventh consecutive year this pump has bagged the highest rating for IV pump performance.

So, who wouldn’t want the Plum pump for their hospital or healthcare facility?
If indecisive, the smart and industry-unique qualities of the Plum 360 IV pump (previously, Hospira Plum 360 pump) will convince you that the manufacturer has at heart the emotional confidence of your nurses and the highest level of safety for your patients.

To fully understand why this pump is the best in the market, we’ll explore the unique, award-winning features of the ICU Medical Plum 360 pump.

1. Non-gravity Infusion Delivery

Errors with secondary delivery are common and can occur due to a forgotten closed roller clamp or imprecise setup requirements for the secondary line when using gravity infusion pumps.

The Plum infusion technology eliminates these issues completely with an active pumping mechanism instead of gravity to infuse fluids.

Not relying on gravity allows the Plum 360 IV pump to accurately draw fluid or medication from both the primary and secondary bags without requiring precise height measurements.

As a result, nurses don’t have to worry about hanging infusion bags at a specified height. They can place them where it is most convenient.
Plum IV Pump

2. Integrated Primary and Secondary Delivery

Most infusion pump models include a secondary administration set that connects to the primary line through an access port outside the IV pump.

The Plum 360 IV pump sets itself aside with advanced technology that allows nurses to deliver two non-interacting medications simultaneously and at the specified rate for each medication.

Connecting the secondary Plum pump IV tubing directly to the Plum cassette enhances greater infusion accuracy and patient safety. That’s because the system can easily detect a closed clamp and immediately alert the nurse of an occlusion.

3. Reduced Air-in-line Alarms with Inbuilt Air-trap Cassette

For most IV pump brands, an air-in-line alarm means stopping the infusion to freshly prime the IV tubing and remove the air.

The high-tech Plum IV infusion pump saves you this trouble with the 1mL inbuilt air-trapping cassette. The pump will not sound an alarm as long as the air trapped in the cassette is below 1mL. That means air-in-line alarms are extremely rare with the ICU Medical Plum 360.

If an air-in-line alarm ever occurs, the nurse can use the automatic backpriming function to eliminate the air without stopping the infusion. How cool is that!

And all that means the patient enjoys a consistently quiet environment and uninterrupted infusions.
Plum IV Pump

4. Enhanced Space Management

Without the Plum technology that allows the integration of the primary and secondary administration lines, the secondary line would have to hang loose around the IV pump of the primary line. Alternatively, the nurse would need to use an additional infusion pump alongside the pump of the primary administration line.

That causes clutter in the patient’s space.

With Plum 360’s integrated delivery line, nurses don’t need to bring in extra IV pumps or hang loose secondary lines. That not only saves valuable space but allows a more organized infusion setup.

5. Enhanced Infusion Pump Interoperability

Current industry standards recommend two-way infusion pump interoperability that allows communication between the infusion pump and the Electronic Health Records (EHR).

To stay on top of its game, ICU Medical has ensured perfect interoperability with its Plum 360 IV pumps. This way, the manufacturer has enhanced streamlined workflows for all infusion deliveries, whether new bag, subsequent, secondary-concurrent, or others.

The result of all this is:

  • Enhanced patient safety because nurses can program infusion orders directly from a central auto-programming point.
  • Reduced work strain because nurses don’t need to manually program each IV pump.
  • Saved time that is then invested in nurse-patient rapport and care.
Plum IV Pump

6. Top-notch IV Delivery Safety Software

With its ICU Medical MedNet™ software, hospitals and healthcare facilities using the Plum 360 IV pump can be sure of accurate and safe patient care. Specifically, they can rely on a comprehensive drug library, complete IV pump-EHR interoperability, and first-rate cybersecurity.

These 6 smart features are also what ICU Medical builds on to create its cutting-edge Plum Duo Infusion System. The manufacturer also proves reliability in giving the best to the infusion pump market with its CADD-Solis Ambulatory Pumps and Medfusion Syringe Pumps.
Plum IV Pump

7. Additional Info: Owning and Using the Plum 360 Infusion Pump

Anyone seeing the smart qualities and features of the ICU Medical Plum 360 will certainly wonder how much the A+ infusion pump will cost and how easy it is to operate.

Let’s tell you about that.

Plum 360 IV Pump Price

Like other Infusion pump brands, the cost of Plum 360 IV pumps will vary depending on who you buy it from, if you are buying it new, used, or refurbished, and if you are buying, leasing, or renting the Plum pump.

Snooping through online Plum IV pump suppliers reveals that you can pay as low as $135 to rent a refurbished Plum 360 pump and as high as $3,000 to buy a brand-new one.

Getting Help to Setup and Operate the Plum IV Pump

The ICU Medical Plum 360 user manual has dedicated sections to help you with Plum IV pump setup and correct operation.

Besides, you can access the Plum 360 IV pump tutorial on the Plum 360 MedNet Training platform. The space has a wide selection of Video Training Series on topics like how to power the Plum 360 IV pump, programming dose calculation, and backpriming the 360 IV pump to remove air in line, among many other topics.
Plum IV Pump

8. Final Thoughts

Infusion pump brands like Autoinfu, which are newer in the infusion pump market are working hard to create their spot among traditional, well-established brands.

The ICU Medical Plum brand is one of those brands that have secured their place at the top with its A+ performance and award-winning Plum 360 IV pump.

With its advanced technology features, such as the pumping mechanism in place of gravity and directly connecting a secondary line in the Plum cassette, any healthcare management would want this high-performance pump in their hospital or healthcare facility.

That would mean guaranteed infusion accuracy and patient safety, as well as a streamlined workflow for healthcare personnel.

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Article by
Sara Alvarado
Greetings, I'm Sara, a dedicated nurse and a proud contributor to the AutoInfu blog. With my firsthand experience in the world of infusion pumps, I'm here to provide you with the latest insights, expert advice, and essential updates to ensure you stay informed about the infusion pump industry.

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