Sapphire IV Pump: One Pump for Multiple Infusion Therapy Needs

by Sara Alvarado

Updated January 11, 2024
The Sapphire IV pump is a multi-therapy infusion pump manufactured by the Israel-headquartered company Eitan Medical.

Eitan has established itself as a reliable medical technology manufacturer, spreading its presence in many parts of the globe, like the U.S., the UK, France, and Germany.

Any clinician who has used the Sapphire infusion pump will vouch for its precision and reliability in hospitals, during Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and for home care. That’s exactly what the manufacturer had in mind.

We also know you can rely on the Sapphire infusion pump because it has won both the EU MDR certification and the FDA 510(k) clearance.

So, what else makes the Sapphire IV pump the efficient medical equipment you can rely on? A range of factors, like its smart technology and ease of use. Let’s start with its key features.
Sapphire IV Pump

1. Key Features

The first feature you notice on the Sapphire IV pump is the color touch screen. Thanks to this intuitive interface, clinicians can easily access the drug library, set accurate infusion therapy details with a few screen taps, and confidently monitor fluid and medication delivery to the patient’s body.

You’ll love the design and small, lightweight size (418g) of the Sapphire IV pump. This portability makes it an infusion pump of choice in multiple medical settings, including healthcare facilities and ambulatory or paramedic settings.

The Sapphire infusion pump comes with several safety mechanisms. A red-light alarm activates in case of infusion obstructions, leaks, or dosage programming issues. The light blinks simultaneously with an audio alarm, so you can’t miss it.

Versatility is another of the Sapphire IV pump’s advanced features. The infusion pump is compatible with a range of IV administration sets. Each administration set has a Sapphire IV pump tubing cassette with an anti-free flow regulator. Besides, the pump functions in multiple delivery modes.

The packaging includes a cradle for mounting the Sapphire Infusion pump to an IV pole or a bed rail.

Other features of the Sapphire IV pump worthy of mention include:
The emergency “STOP” button next to the ON/OFF power button on the lower left side.
Its enduring battery, lasting approximately 24 hours at a 125 mL/h infusion rate.
It’s optional automatic or manual priming.
You can find a visual demonstration of how these features work in this sapphire infusion pump training video.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages

Sapphire IV Pump
With so many smart technology features, the Sapphire IV pump has several advantages:
Its smart color screen makes it user-friendly; easy to learn and operate.
It has a high accuracy level, reducing infusion delivery and dosage errors and the nuisance of false alarms.
Its adaptability to multiple IV sets makes it fit for multiple infusion therapy needs.
Despite its advantages, the Sapphire infusion pump has some limits:
Navigating the colored screen interface can be challenging for new users.
Its versatility can be a minus for medics who look for specialized infusion care equipment.
The Sapphire multi-therapy infusion pump is flight-approved only in the U.S.

3. A Multi-therapy Model

Sapphire IV Pump
The Sapphire IV pump is a state-of-the-art product of the Eitan Medical company that delivers infusion fluids and medications in multiple modes, including:
Continuous infusion delivery.
Multi-step automatic infusion rate changes.
Intermittent infusion every number of hours.
PCA delivery of pain meds at a basal rate or large single doses depending on patient needs.
TPN, or infusion with tapers to increase or decrease infusion rate.
Epidural infusion, targeting the spinal cord area.
However, this ground-breaking infusion pump is only a star among other equally innovative infusion therapy devices by Eitan Medical. These include the Sapphire™ H100 and the Sapphire™ Plus infusion systems.

4. Cost and Value for Money

The Sapphire IV pump cost is listed at $2,350 by most online retailers. Although this can be a hefty expenditure for healthcare facilities, its advanced efficiency features and its reliability in patient care ensure value for your money.

5. Setup and Operation

Sapphire IV Pump
In the Sapphire infusion pump user manual, you’ll find a comprehensive setup and operation guide. There are also useful tips for infusion pump troubleshooting in case of any hitches during setup or operation.

You can access the Sapphire infusion pump user manual online and download it in your preferred language.

6.Why Choose Sapphire Infusion Pump

Our assessment of the Sapphire IV pump against other models in the market places it at the top for its user-friendly color screen.

Besides, the Sapphire infusion pump’s ± 2.5% accuracy exceeds the ± 5.0% accuracy of other products from Eitan’s competitors. Such accuracy inspires trust among patients and confidence in healthcare providers.

As a versatile and reliable option in infusion therapy, the Sapphire IV pump is the “one pump for multiple infusion therapy needs” many healthcare providers are looking for.

7. Additional Info: Warranty and Customer Support

Sapphire IV Pump
Purchasing the Sapphire IV pump comes with a range of benefits.

First, you have access to various customer service software tools, including an Annual Certification Software and standardized testing software known as FasTest PM.

According to the manufacturer, the warranty on new Sapphire IV pumps depends on local regulations. This is also true for any extended repair and maintenance services by Eiten.

You can write to local representatives at for precise warranty and extended service details. And if you have questions about the Sapphire IV pump, you can use Eiten’s customer support page.

8. Final Thoughts

Looking for an infusion pump that can cater to multiple infusion needs?
The Sapphire IV pump is your best bet.

This multi-therapy device ticks all the efficiency boxes for accuracy, versatility, guaranteed patient safety, and ease of use.

You’ll need a little training to get going with this smart-technology device. Once started, however, delivering patient infusion therapy with ultimate accuracy will be as easy as ABC.
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Sara Alvarado
Greetings, I'm Sara, a dedicated nurse and a proud contributor to the AutoInfu blog. With my firsthand experience in the world of infusion pumps, I'm here to provide you with the latest insights, expert advice, and essential updates to ensure you stay informed about the infusion pump industry.

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