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This portable auto iv pump delivers fluids safely and reliably!
CE Certified.
Titration Error Prevention.
Free Shipping & 14-Day money back.

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Innovative IV Pump

in Action!

Lightweight and Portable

Sharp, Clear Screen Display
Easily view important information on the device’s LCD screen, including flow rate, VTBI, and more.
Remining Time
Flow Rate
Total Volume
Dynamically Pressure Value

Customize the rate or
duration of infusion

Press appropriate numbers to enter infusion rate
Reduce infusion time errors with intuitive keyboard
One-touch access to common functions (mute, clear, bolus)

Enjoy the Benefits
Of a Peristaltic Pump

Easily install infusion tubing – no leaks
Quickly disassemble pump for cleaning
Fixed pump amounts with no backflow

Precision in 4 Modes

IV infusion pump 35

Volume mode

Easily control the amount of fluid being delivered through the unit’s VTBI button.
IV infusion pump 36

Drip mode

Utilize the unit’s sensitive drip sensor to determine the drip rate and ensure it stays consistent.
IV infusion pump 37

Time mode

Set the VTBI and time, and the unit will calculate the infusion rate for you.
IV infusion pump 38

Drug Mode

Uses drug and liquid amount, body weight, and dose to automatically set injection speed
IV infusion pump 27

CE Approved

IV infusion pump 28

Drip Sensor

IV infusion pump 29


IV infusion pump 30


Ensure Consistent Delivery With Drip Sensor
AutoInfu’s advanced drip sensor allows you to deliver fluid with precise accuracy, volume, and interval to ensure optimal treatment and patient safety.
IV Infusion Pump

Alarm Notifications
Keep You Informed

Door Open
Air bubble in the line
Upstream/Downstream occlusion
IV set not calibrated
Air sensor error
And more
Infusion Pump 9infusion pump
infusion pump
Infusion Pump 12
IV infusion pump 16
infusion pump
infusion pump
infusion pumpInfusion Pump 13
Infusion Pump 6infusion pump

Boost Portability With
Our Custom Stand!

Adjustable height of 57 to 73 inches
Support plate for AutoInfu
Lockable wheels
IV infusion pump
What’s in the box
Infusion Pump
Drip Sensor
Power Adapter
User's Manual
Quality Inspection Certificate
Does this infusion pump work with any iv sets?
Yes, it works with most iv sets on the market, including Exclusive IV Set or standard single PVC IV Set (10, 15, 20, and 60 d/mL, with an outer width of 3.4 to 4.5 mm). However, the device needs to be calibrated before it can be used with any set. The device’s instructions explain in depth how to do this.
What kinds of fluids can't be put into the infusion pump?
Blood transfusions, insulin, painkillers, chemotherapy solutions, and spinal anesthetics cannot be used.
Must the device be plugged in to work?
The infusion pump can also be used without being plugged in, but it will alert with a power failure alarm. It can be used for 10 hours without being turned on, thanks to its battery backup. This makes it easier to use in different mobile settings. But for safety, we suggest that you plug it in before you use it.
What is your shipping and return policy?
Within the United States, items are usually delivered within 7 days of shipment. Your package is usually shipped by UPS/DHL Express. 

During the first 30 days after receiving your order, if you are not satisfied with our device, feel free to return your device to us for a refund. A refund will be issued after the product is received and inspected by Autoinfu for damage or missing accessories. The refund will reach your account within 1-5 business days.
Does the device come with a warranty?
Yes. This infusion pump comes with a full one-year warranty.
IV infusion pump 40

User Manual

Empower Your Medical Practice with Reliable Infusion Pump Solutions


Discover essential infusion pump information in our downloadable brochure.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Angela S. (Los Angeles, US)
Impressive autoinfu infusion pump

Autoinfu is a terrific infusion pump. It is loaded with features, but it is also super convenient and easy to move around. It has really been a great addition to our clinic, and we are now in the process of ordering additional devices for our other locations.

Julie S. (Evergreen, US)
Works great!

There is certainly a lot to love about Autoinfu. My favorite feature is the drip sensor which is very precise and reliable. This is by far the best infusion pump that I have ever used.

Haasan A. (Miami, US)
A hassle-free infusion pump savior

When our last infusion pump quit working, we were concerned about buying a cheap unit that required a long learning curve. Luckily, we found Autoinfu, and now we wish we would have gotten it sooner. It is both easy to use and very effective.

Sally C. (Pacific Palisades, US)
Affordable excellence in medical pumping

We have found Autoinfu to be well worth the money. This is an affordable pump that delivers better performance than more expensive models. We highly recommend this device to medical personnel.

Hannah P. (Cameron, US)
The preferred infusion pump for our practice

AutoInfu has quickly become the most popular infusion pump at our practice. It is always the first one selected because it is easy to use and it always delivers consistent quality.

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