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Innovative IV Pump

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Syringe Pump

Sharp Screen Display

Easily view the information you need to deliver proper care.
Flow Rate
Injection mode
Flow Rate
Total Volume

Large, Easy-to-Press Keyboard

Utilize 0-9 display to enter infusion rate
Clear value or alarm with one button touch
Easily access Menu, Set Prime/Bolus, and Start/Stop
Includes Mute button, Power button & more
Syringe Pump
Syringe Pump

Classic Double Channel Design

Control 1 or 2 Syringes Based on Operation Mode
Open system for increased user convenience
Accepts 20 different syringe brands after calibration
Compensation error is within ±2% after calibration

Choose from 6 Injection Modes

Wide selection helps ensure patients receive the best care

IV infusion pump 35


IV infusion pump 37

Constant Rate

IV infusion pump 36


IV infusion pump 37

Drug Library Mode

IV infusion pump 37

Sequential Mode

IV infusion pump 38

Drug Weight

Adjustable Clamp for Quick Setup

Pump Easily Attaches to Your Existing IV Stands
Simply adjust the clamp to ensure a fixed, stable location for the pump.
Syringe Pump

Alarm Warnings for Safe Operation

abnormal injection
disconnected syringe
parameter error
near empty
And more
infusion pumpInfusion Pump 13
Infusion Pump 6infusion pump

Syringe Pump & IV Stand

Adjustable Stand is Specifically Designed for AutoInfu’s Syringe Pump
Includes support plate for AutoInfu Syringe Pump
Adjustable height of 57-73 inches
Lockable wheels
Syringe Pump
What’s in the box
Syringe Pump
Power Adapter
User's Manual
Quality Inspection Certificate
Syringe Pump
Do I have to use certain syringe brands with this pump?
No, you can preset 20 syringe brands and you can add or edit the brand and accept different brands after calibration.
What size syringes can be used with this pump?
It is recommended that you use the following size syringes: 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, or 50/60ml. The device has an auto-recognition feature to automatically detect syringe size.
Where are syringe pumps like this commonly used?
They are widely used in ICU, NICU, pediatrics, internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, emergency department, and outpatient infusion rooms.
What is the maximum rate of the pump?
The pump rate range is 5ml: 0.10ml/h-60.00ml/h; 10ml: 0.10ml/h-300.00ml/h; 20ml: 0.10ml/h-400.00ml/h; 30ml: 0.10ml/h-600.00ml/h; 50/60ml: 0.10ml/h-1200.00ml/h.
What is your shipping and return policy?
Within the United States, items are usually delivered within 7 days of shipment. Your package is usually shipped by UPS/DHL Express. 

During the first 30 days after receiving your order, if you are not satisfied with our device, feel free to return your device to us for a refund. A refund will be issued after the product is received and inspected by Autoinfu for damage or missing accessories. The refund will reach your account within 1-5 business days.
Does the device come with a warranty?
Yes. This syringe pump comes with a full one-year warranty.
Injection ModeConstant rate, time/volume mode, drug weight mode,
micro-mode, programmable mode, drug library mode
0.00-9999.99ml   Pressure Release
Pressure release function after occlusion
Syringe Size5ml、10ml、20ml、30ml、50/60ml,auto-recognition   Purge Rate5ml:30.00-60.00ml/h 10ml:150.00-300.00ml/h
20ml:200.00-400.00ml/h; 30ml:300.00-600.00ml/h
   Power SupplyAC Power:100V-240V,50/60Hz,≦45W
Flow Rate5ml:0.10ml/h-60.00ml/h 10ml:0.10ml/h-300.00ml/h
20ml:0.10ml/h-400.00ml/h 30ml:0.10ml/h-600.00ml/h
   Bolus Rate5ml:0.10ml/h-60.00ml/h 10ml:0.10ml/h-300.00ml/h
20ml:0.10ml/h-400.00ml/h 30ml:0.10ml/h-600.00ml/h
   BatteryRechargeable Lithium battery, DC11.1V,3000mAh;
operating time: ≥6h @5ml/h
Increment0.01ml/h   KVO0.10 -5.00ml/h adjustable   Alarm VoiceStandard Medical Alarm Voice with mute function, 8
levels adjustable.
Preset Time1s~99hr59min59s   Occlusion
8 level adjustable,20Kpa-150Kpa,dynamically pressure
value display.
   Event Log10000 logs
Changed during
Support change of VTBI, flow rate during injection   AlarmFinished, near finished, near empty, empty, occlusion,
syringe disconnected, no operation, parameter error,
syringe error, low battery, battery lost, battery ran out,
AC power lost, abnormal injection, communication
error, finished! KVO.
   ClassificationClass II, Type CF; IPX4
Accuracy≤±2%   Syringe
Preset 20 syringe brands, can add or edit the brand,
accept different brands after calibration
   Other FunctionDouble CPU, Password function, 90 ºratable IV pole, 4
soft function key: key lock function, numeric keypad,
sleeping function
Preset Volume
0.10-9999.99ml&empty   Display5.0’TFT color LCD, 10 level brightness adjustable   ApplicationIntravenous injection

User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Angela S. (Los Angeles, US)
Impressive autoinfu infusion pump

Autoinfu is a terrific infusion pump. It is loaded with features, but it is also super convenient and easy to move around. It has really been a great addition to our clinic, and we are now in the process of ordering additional devices for our other locations.

Julie S. (Evergreen, US)
Works great!

There is certainly a lot to love about Autoinfu. My favorite feature is the drip sensor which is very precise and reliable. This is by far the best infusion pump that I have ever used.

Haasan A. (Miami, US)
A hassle-free infusion pump savior

When our last infusion pump quit working, we were concerned about buying a cheap unit that required a long learning curve. Luckily, we found Autoinfu, and now we wish we would have gotten it sooner. It is both easy to use and very effective.

Sally C. (Pacific Palisades, US)
Affordable excellence in medical pumping

We have found Autoinfu to be well worth the money. This is an affordable pump that delivers better performance than more expensive models. We highly recommend this device to medical personnel.

Hannah P. (Cameron, US)
The preferred infusion pump for our practice

AutoInfu has quickly become the most popular infusion pump at our practice. It is always the first one selected because it is easy to use and it always delivers consistent quality.

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